Personal Injury

Personal Injury
A personal injury occurs when someone’s negligence causes another person harm. Personal injury comes in many forms. Our award winning personal injury attorneys are qualified to represent victims in the following kinds of cases:

Bicycle Accidents
Boating Accidents
Car Accidents
Dog Bites
Medical Malpractice
Motorcycle Accidents
Pedestrian Accidents
Premises Liability
Slip and Fall Accidents
Wrongful Death

After you call, one of our personal injury attorneys will meet with you and your family to discuss your concerns. If our personal injury lawyers find evidence of negligence, we will contact the negligent party and their insurance provider to see if we can obtain a resolution outside of court, which tends to be faster and more cost-effective than filing a lawsuit. If we can’t reach a resolution outside of court, then our office will file a lawsuit to recover for your injuries.

If you believe you have a case, act quickly. There’s a limited amount of time to file a lawsuit to recover damages for your injuries. If you miss the filing deadline, you will be barred from filing a claim forever.

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While we can never guarantee a result, we strive to obtain the best possible outcome for personal injury victims and their families. If you believe that you or a family member have suffered an injury as a result of someone else’s negligence, contact our office at (630) 945-7372 to schedule your free consultation. We also encourage you to take advantage of the free resources we provide to help educate and inform you regarding personal injury in Illinois by clicking here.